where coffee meets community

There's a lot of really cool things about coffee shops. One of those aspects being these shops are a social hub for the community.

We're proud to be nestled in the beautiful mountain town of Winter Park, Colorado and love the community of people who have supported us from day 1.

The community created within the coffee shop has sparked a business partnership between two entrepreneurs who both have a passion for delicious tasting craft coffee.

Out of this partnership, a brand new retail coffee location was built in 2019 with the addition of our new coworking space next door.

Winter Park Retail Location

Our retail location is nestled in the beautiful mountain town of Winter Park, Colorado. We enjoy serving cups of craft coffee to folks in between their laps on the ski hill, hikes, and mountain bike rides.

And yes, outside of slinging beans, we also enjoy the fact that these activities are located right outside our doorstep to enjoy our time off.

The Perk Coffee Co. Blog

We're passionate about the craft side of coffee. We love geeking out on the floral notes of new single origin beans for pour overs. We love dialing in the espresso machine each morning to make sure shots are pulling smoothly. And we love everything else that comes along with running a local coffee shop.

Our goal for the blog is to provide you with resources containing coffee tips and tricks we've learned along the way so that you may experience the craft of coffee within your home.